About Us

Macro Evolution Services Limited was established in 2018 to provide a range of support services to the reseller and vendor channels. Partnering closely with Exertis distribution, we provide technical and support services to enable partners to expand their value adding offerings to their clients without the need for expertise or infrastructure investment. We have created a high tech, high spec technical services facility that exceeds global brand compliance standards (e.g. ESD, security etc).
We also provide a range of warranty support services to global vendors to improve the customer experience journey, including the capability and reach to provide our services across Ireland, the UK and wider European territories.
Our management team boasts decades of specialist services experience with our primary focus on evolving service offerings on behalf of our partners. Partners can then focus their resources on their core needs by harnessing our infrastructure and expertise on a project, “tap-in / tap-out” or long term annuity contracted basis.

Contact us at services@macroev.com to find our how you can become a partner.