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We provide leading advisory services to help our clients architect a fit-for-purpose solution to maximise both functional requirements and cost efficiency. We make the complex simple…


By availing of our many finance options, we can provide you with a transparent view of your costs on monthly or quarterly subscription or rental bases offerings. Choose from a range of managed services, with optional financing to help either reduce your operational costs or leverage to obtain higher quantity or specifications across your device fleet.

We choose from select finance partners to ensure that you are achieving the best value at every stage.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering supports your business transformation and enables increased productivity through our ongoing support, in-life monitoring and management of your mobile endpoints and/or print devices. We deliver all of the services that an organisation needs in a single holistic package allowing you to free up capital and internal resources. Our experienced team will tailor a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet the needs of your business. With the option to avail of financing these services, we can help maximise your value proposition.


Trade-In Services

It makes sense! At MacroEV, our trade-in offerings provide our clients with additional cost benefits on their mobile devices. This can translate as discount towards your new solution with us, or in certain cases result in a financial payment. In addition to buying back used devices, we also have years of experience in developing trade-In platforms for our business partners to offer to their customers too. We are committed to maximising the useful life of mobility devices through redistribution to both business and consumer clients. The “second-life” use of each device will help make a difference in reducing the carbon impacts from the manufacturing, transport and packaging processes, whilst also providing higher spec devices at a lower cost to the “second-life” user. All trade-in devices go through our stringent certified data wiping process.


Residual Value (RV) Based Offerings

If you are choosing specific hardware technologies, we will guarantee an end of term value for each of your devices (typically a 24 or 36 month period). Using this solution, we can discount the upfront hardware costs under our financed funding models so that you can realise better value. At the end of the term, you simply choose from the following options:

  • Give us the devices back (in a good working order and subject to normal wear & team criteria)
  • Upgrade your entire solution again to the latest available technology*
  • Upgrade some of your devices and continue to use some of the existing devices*

*subject to solution design and any agreed revised costs


Flexible Finance Offerings

We offer flexible tailored finance solutions with our global partners, that are structured specifically to meet our customer requirements.