your end-to-end
We provide leading deployment services to our partners to ensure a seamless end-user experience. We make the complex simple…

Let us be your end-to-end deployment partner, helping you deliver improved efficiencies, reduced costs and providing you complete peace of mind. We can help you procure, prepare, install, and maintain your technologies with ease.


Project Management

– On Time and On Budget

Digital Transformation projects are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant cost and tying up your valuable resources. Harness our vast experience in implementing projects of all sizes and complexity and use proven recognised methodologies to ensure successful completion on time and on budget.



– Focus on Your Core Business

Whether you require just a handful or even thousands of devices deployed across multiple locations, our managed services teams offer full device configuration and deployment services so you can outsource all staging, provisioning, asset-tagging and setup tasks to our team of experts. Reduce the pressure on your valuable internal resources by letting us do all the heavy lifting whether deploying mobile end-point devices and other technologies including phones, tablets, laptops, servers or digital print.



– Stable and Consistent

Imaging refers to the process of erasing computer hard drives and then loading a brand new install complete with OS, software, apps & configuration. Imaging a computer brings it back to a new working state. We use numerous methods of delivery of online and offline imaging including Server, USB or “Over the Air”.



– Fit for Purpose

Our installation services take the heavy lifting away from your busy IT and Operations teams. We can help install and deploy new phones, tablets, laptops and digital print devices quickly and easily. With deep industry expertise and knowledge, our technicians ensure a timely and cost-effective deployment that minimises disruption to your end-users. We ensure the right resources with the right skills are assigned to your unique technology deployments.


Zero Touch

– No Touch Required

We are experts in all Zero-Touch provisioning methods across all of the major vendors including Apple, Google, Microsoft & Samsung. Zero-Touch means we can configure, secure and manage all mobile end-points including phone, tablet, laptop & desktop “Over the Air” and without any end-user intervention.


3PL Services

At MacroEV, you can avail of our 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) services. This means we can hold your stock securely, while our deployment services are performed and then either ship to your required destination or hold in our warehouse for drawdown when needed. We have the experience to manage your global shipment needs managed by our in-house experts including export control compliance services.