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At MacroEV, we care. Our teams are equipped and trained to ensure we refurbish, recycle or dispose in an environment friendly manner. We make the complex simple, but responsible…


Trade-In Services

It makes sense! At MacroEV, our trade-in offerings provide our clients with additional cost benefits on their mobile devices. This can translate as discount towards your new solution with us, or in certain cases result in a financial payment. In addition to buying back used devices, we also have years of experience in developing trade-In platforms for our business partners to offer to their customers too. We are committed to maximising the useful life of mobility devices through redistribution to both business and consumer clients. The “second-life” use of each device will help make a difference in reducing the carbon impacts from the manufacturing, transport and packaging processes, whilst also providing higher spec devices at a lower cost to the “second-life” user. All trade-in devices go through our stringent certified data wiping process.


Data Wipe

Redeploy or dispose of devices with confidence. The solution we offer provides a certified data wipe service that ensures all data is removed permanently from devices, protecting organisations against any potential GDPR implications, whilst also protecting previous users of these devices. This also provides options for devices to be reused as opposed to being destroyed (where possible) further improving sustainability benefits.


Device Disposal

In certain instances, devices will not be redeployed or reused for legitimate reasons, however, they still need to be disposed of correctly and the owner needs to be confident of this. In addition to our certified data wipe service, we also offer a certified destruction service for any data storage device (HDD etc) and/or mobile handset, tablet and laptop.